• shulingjones

First Term Complete

After 10 weeks of intensive programming and data science lectures, my first term is finally complete. It has been stressful and a lot of work, however I feel as though I have achieved a lot.

This term I have baked, programmed and had countless coffee breaks at my favourite coffee shop, which has led to a coffee addiction. I have had plentiful sleepless nights, but overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my course so far. The little city of Lancaster has grown on me more and more since the day I arrived 3 years ago, it may be small but it has a welcoming community. My sweet tooth is as sweet as ever with a new cake being baked every week - I feel as though my flatmates think I am trying to bribe them into the wonderful world of sweet treats!

The amount of coursework and reports I have written so far into this course has been more than what I did for my entire undergraduate degree. However, I have enjoyed doing most of my coursework (even when I felt as though I was swimming in programs). I am looking forward to the challenges that next term brings!

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